18 Signs that a Woman Likes You How to Recognize Signs a Girl Likes a Guy

Published: 11th August 2010
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In order to have successful interactions with women you must be able to identify the signs that a woman likes you. When you see those telltale signs a girl like a guy, that is when you know that the routines and tactics you have been using to create attraction are actually working. These attraction signals are extremely important, because they indicate her interest in getting to know more about you.

I like to look out for a minimum of two to three attraction signals, since this is when I know that it's on, and now all I need to do is step up the interaction and start turning things more physical. To put it simply, the signs a girl likes a guy are there to help you remember that your goal is to move beyond that initial introduction stage and focus your efforts on isolating, qualifying and escalating physical contact.

Here are some of the signs that a woman likes you:

Signs a Girl Likes a Guy #1
She asks about you. When she starts asking about you, you know that you have reached a point where she wants to know more about you. Just like untrained guys, women will often go through some comfort-building techniques, which will likely include questions about your name, age, job, hobbies and background.

Signs a Girl Likes a Guy #2
She asks about your girlfriend. This one is a surefire way to tell she is interested. When she starts asking about your girlfriend, she is fishing to find out if you are single. This is such a sure sign, that I often rely on this one alone for the feedback I need when determining if a girl is into me.

Signs a Girl Likes a Guy #3
She challenges or teases you. Some guys become uncomfortable when a girl teases or challenges them, but not me. When a woman starts getting playful with me, I know that there is at least some attraction there. One of the things I will sometimes do is give the girl a nickname. If she returns the volley by coming up with a nickname for me, I know she is interested.

Signs a Girl Likes a Guy #4
She laughs at your jokes and stories. I like to consider myself a pretty humorous guy, but when a girl starts laughing at all the stupid lines and stories I use, then I know she is interested in making a connection.

Signs a Girl Likes a Guy #5
She initiates or maintains physical contact. This is how women let you know that they are physically attracted to you. One way you can check this one out is to take her hand as you lead her through a crowd. Give it a squeeze and, if she squeezes your hand in return, you're golden.

Keep close tabs on this one: Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether women are giving you true signs of interest or just being nice.

Signs that a Woman Likes You #6
She gives you compliments. As you tell stories and demonstrate your quality and high status, keep a close ear on how she is reacting. Often, women will compliment a guy on his accomplishments, which is another good way to move to a different level of rapport.

Signs that a Girl Likes You #7
She pretends to be mad at you or hits you. If she playfully hits you or seems a tad annoyed at something you have said, this means you have touched on an emotion - good or bad. This is one my favorites, since it helps to create banter that lead things to a more physical level.

Signs that a Girl Likes You #8
She calls you a pickup artist or a player. This is bound to happen once you get really good at what you do and are able to create attraction almost immediately. This one might look like a test, but really it shows that she has some level of interest in you.

Signs that a Woman Likes You #9
She asks you to show or teach her something. While you are busy creating attraction, part of your job is to demonstrate that you are an interesting guy with cool hobbies, ideas and interests. When women are interested in learning more about you, they will often ask you to show them or teach them something you know.

Signs that a Girl Likes You #10
She tries to get reactions from you. Just like us guys, women sometimes say and do things in an effort to get a reaction. They might be trying to elicit attraction, jealousy or desire. If she starts telling you stories that would usually get an emotional reaction from a guy, she is trying to get you to take notice of her.

Signs a Girl Likes a Guy #11
She gets closer to you. Women will often move in closer or lower their voices in an effort to increase intimacy as you talk. Keep an eye out for this one; it is a clear sign of attraction.

Signs that a Woman Likes You #12
She agrees with you on almost everything. Disagree with her on purpose. Does she change her opinion to go along with yours? If so, it shows that she wants to appeal to you. This one is a classic signal of attraction.

Signs that a Girl Likes You #13
She maintains eye contact. If the girl you are talking to is looking around the room, she probably isn't really interested in you. But, if she is holding your gaze and maintaining good, lengthy eye contact, then she is interested.

Signs a Girl Likes a Guy #14
She fills pauses. Lulls and breaks are normal parts of conversations. When someone is not interested, she will usually use one of these breaks as her excuse to leave the conversation. But, if the girl you are talking to is filling the pause and trying to keep the conversation going, this is a good sign that she is enjoying talking to you.

Signs that a Woman Likes You #15
She works to build rapport. This one is related to #1 and essentially involves the girl actively working to connect with you on a deeper level and to fill in the blanks of the stories you have told her about your life. When she does this, she is subconsciously thinking about how it would be to be part of your life.

Signs that a Girl Likes You #16
She sticks around when her friends move on. When you are in a club or bar environment, it is normal for groups to be fluid and move around to different areas within the venue. When her group is on the move, pay attention to what she does. If she actively tries to stay close to you, this shows that she wants to be near you.

Signs a Girl Likes a Guy #17
She waits for your return. If a girl isn't interested, she will head for the hills when a guy leaves to go to the bar or the bathroom. If she sticks around and waits for you to return, it shows that she would like to pick up where the two of you left off.

Signs that a Woman Likes You #18
She makes a second approach. It is normal for groups and conversations to be fluid when you are in a club or bar. If a girl you were talking to earlier approaches you again to strike up a conversation, she wants to reestablish your connection. And, if she pops by to tell you that she is leaving, take the opportunity to get her digits.

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